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Transforming the Health of the Community, One Person at a Time

PA Health & Wellness is dedicated to helping Pennsylvanians live their best lives by providing access to high quality benefits and services that meet their individual needs and remain active in their community. We work and live in your communities and understand the importance of your healthcare needs. We are trusted, established leader in managed care for Pennsylvania and are committed to improving the lives of our participants. 

Just the Facts

PA Health & Wellness is committed to keeping Pennsylvanians with disabilities in their home and communities. In 2022, we exceeded the State nursing home transition goal and successfully transitioned 405 participants with a 4.6% recidivism rate.  

Over the last five years, PA Health & Wellness has invested $1.6 million in community-based programming. In addition, we are committed to supporting small-diverse businesses (SDB) and in 2023, we contributed more than $10.8 million to SDBs.  

PA Health & Wellness serves participants across the entire state of Pennsylvania. Our employees are part of Pennsylvania and understand the needs of rural and urban communities alike. Many of our employees serve on the local boards of dozens of CBOs supporting thousands of local residents.  

Yes, PA Health & Wellness is dedicated to innovation. We have introduced several innovative programs with the goal of ensuring our participants receive the best care and benefits available. A few examples include a 24-hour nurse line, programs that incentivize providers to ensure patients receive preventative care, nursing facility quality incentive programs, and pioneering proactive solutions including Johns Hopkins Mind At Home, Care Insight, PERS and workforce development programs. ​


Alongside the core group of services it provides to Pennsylvania participants, PA Health and Wellness offers housing resources to help participants find and secure safe, affordable housing in the community by partnering with the Philadelphia Housing Authority, PA Housing Finance Authority and the Pennsylvania Property Tax and Rent Rebate Program through the Department of Revenue. We help people stay in their own homes through our Home Adaptation program and with other repairs through the Habitat for Humanity Critical Home Repair program. We offer employment resources such as career workshops, vocational rehabilitation, and financial planning resources. We also offer food resources through various community-based food programs in addition to the federal SNAP program. Learn more.


PHW’s Safe & Sound Critical Home Repair Program

Everybody has a story. At PA Health & Wellness (PHW), we want to make sure that we help write a happy ending to those stories.

Meet Tammy. Tammy is one of the PHW Participants who has benefitted from PHW’s Safe & Sound Critical Home Repair Program. PHW’s Safe & Sound partnership with the Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Harrisburg Area was developed to help people write their own stories and create their happy endings.  

The partnership with the Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Harrisburg Area underwritten by the Centene Foundation and PHW and will cover the cost of eligible interior and exterior structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other critical home repairs so that eligible Participants can remain in their homes.

Low-income homeowners can often face significant challenges with home repairs and improvements. With limited financial resources, it can be difficult for these homeowners to invest in maintenance, equipment, and the most basic home improvements. For others, needed accessibility-related improvements or modifications cannot be completed due to underlying structural issues until corrected. With the PHW Safe & Sound Program we can overcome those issues and help people stay at home. 

Nearly 75,000 Participants across the state are eligible for home modifications that improve home safety and help keep them in their homes as long as possible and support greater independence. Just like Tammy. 

Through the partnership with Habitat for Humanity and its Critical Home Repair Program, PHW has helped write the happy ending to her story and we look forward to helping many others write theirs.

PA Health & Wellness Proud Employee Engagement 

At PA Health & Wellness, our employees are here to support you. We’re dedicated to helping Pennsylvanians live their best lives.  Listen to our stories about how PA Health & Wellness employees are transforming the health of the community, one person at a time.


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