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Transition from PPL to Tempus as our FMS (Financial Management Service) Participant Directed Services


What is changing with Participant Directed Option?

  • PPL (Public Partners Unlimited) is currently the FMS, managing payroll for your direct care workers (DCWs).
  • Tempus Unlimited will become your new FMS effective July 1, 2022.
  • Please see the schedule below for details on submitting your time to Tempus.

Is PPL still my FMS?

  • Yes, before July 1, 2022, PPL is still your FMS.  After July 1, 2022, Tempus will be your FMS managing your DCW
  • After July 1, 2022, Tempus will be your FMS.
  • Please see the schedule below for details on submitting your time to Tempus.

Will there be any interruptions to my service?

  • You will continue to receive your personal assistant services and any other services as authorized in your person-centered service plan. There will be no interruptions from this transition process.

Will my DCW(s) still get paid on time?

  • Yes, there will be no changes to the current pay schedule with PPL.
  • DCWs will have no interruptions in their regularly scheduled payroll from this transition process.
  • It is important that both the CLEs (Common Law Employer) and their DCWs (Direct Care Worker) get their packets in now.
  • Packets for both CLEs and DCWs were mailed out to CLEs starting in November and continue.
  • These packets contain important information for you to complete.
  • This is a critical step in ensuring DCWs are paid on time.
  • You and your DCW must take the EVV training.   
  • See Tempus’ website for scheduled trainings.

Will we still be submitting our time the same way using PPL's Time4Care mobile app?

You will still submit your time using PPL’s Time4Care mobile app until the dates noted below.

  •  First day for Payroll Schedule A to submit time to Tempus is June 5
  • First day for Payroll Schedule B to submit time to Tempus is June 12
  • First paycheck from Tempus for BOTH A and B schedules will be July 1
        o   After July 1st you will resume your regular schedule A or B rotation
        o   Schedule A will receive your next check July 8
        o   Schedule B will receive your next check July 15

What if I need to hire a new DCW between now and July 1, 2022? 

  • You will follow the same processes you have done before with PPL.
  • New referrals will be submitted to Tempus beginning May 7th.
  • There will be no interruption to the DCW hiring process from this transition. 

Are there any changes that are in effect now?

  • Nothing in your service delivery has changed, and nothing will change in the services you receive except as the result of a reassessment.

What will change?

  • No changes to your services. Your services will remain the same. Services will not change unless the result of a reassessment.
  • What will change is that you will begin working with Tempus Unlimited in in early June 2022 instead of PPL.
  • Tempus will support you as your FMS and provide the same type of services you have been receiving from PPL.
  • Contact information will change. This is provided below.
  • The Portals and Web Apps you use for logging, submitting, reviewing, and editing time worked will be different, but payroll schedules will remain the same.
  • The EVV app will be all new and easier to use for Direct Care Workers and Common Law Employers.
  • Please visit Tempus' website for Q&A webinars and EVV training sessions.
  • EVV training is mandatory for both CLEs and their DCWs.
  • You should have received a welcome email to log into Tempus’s portal (check your junk folder). If you have not, please provide an email through Tempus’ website.

What should I do right now?

  • It is critical that you take action so that DCWs are paid timely.
  • If you received your packet, make sure you and your DCWs complete and return to Tempus immediately.
  • If you did not receive the packet, call 1-844-9TEMPUS (1-844-983-6787) and request a packet for you that includes forms for all your direct care workers,
  • If you have already returned your packet, you will receive an email.  Please follow all instructions in the email.
  • EVV training must be completed for both the CLE and the DCW so that you and your DCW understand how to submit and approve time.

If you have not provided an email to Tempus, please do so now.

Who do I contact/where do I go if I have more questions?

You may go to Tempus’ website or call them for up-to-dated information and resources.

How to contact Tempus:

Phone: 1-844-9TEMPUS (1-844-983-6787)

Fax: 1-833-5TEMPUS (1-833-583-6787)

TTY: 1-833-888-0133


Tempus’ website:


You can also reach out to your Service Coordinator if you need assistance.